'Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.'

Monday, October 03, 2011

"That Is A Crow, My Son"

A man had become ver old. He had given his the best of education and given him all he could. He was one day sitting outside with his son when a crow perched on the wall. "Son," the father said, "What is that!" "That is a crow, father," the son replied.

After a short while, the father again asked, "Son! What is that?" "That is a crow, father," the son repeated. It was not long afterwards that the father again asked, "Son! What is that?" The son said, "I just told you that that is a crow, father."

They sat still for awhile and again the father asked, "Son! What is that?" The son's tone changed this time as he said, "That is a crow, father, a crow!"

Yet again, the father asked the son, "Son! What is that?" This time, the son could not contain himself. "That is a crow, father," he shouted, "You keep asking the same question all the time and I have told you a thousand times that that is a crow. Don't you understand me?"

A little while later, the father got up, went to his room and took out an old diary. He opened up one of the pages and handed the diary over to his son saying, "Son, please read this."

The son read: "Today my little boy was sitting in the yard when a crow arrived. He then asked me twenty five-times, 'Daddy! What is that?' I then replied each one of the twenty-five times, 'Son! That is a crow.' Each time, I replied with great love and affection."

The father then said, "Son, see the difference between a father and a son. While I replied twenty-five times and even noted that it was with love and affection each time. Today you got angry when I asked you the same question just five times."

The moral here is that we forget the good that our parents did for us. We do not know how many times they have gone out of their way to do things for us. 

We must therefore make a pledge that we will never speak to them disrespectfully and that we will always speak to them in soft and affectionate voices.


  1. this is a wonderful story, from where she is?

  2. Subhanallah! This is true, God have mercy on our parents

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  4. Cool, I've seen the video. My mom cried.:')