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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Allaah's Wisdom

A saint from Baghdad says: I went out for a walk one day and as I walked along the bank of the Tigris Rive, I noticed a scorpian walking ahead of me. I thought to myself that Allaah must have created this scorpian for some reason and I wondered where it was off to, just then.

Since I had the time, I decided to follow it to see where it was headed. As I walked behind it, the scorpian turned towards the water and waited by the side. I also waited with it to see what it would do next.

Just then, a turtle swam to the shore beside the scorpian and the scorpian quickly jumped on its back. Allaah had sent a ferry for the scorpian and it proceeded across the river.

I hastly hired a boat and followed the odd pair across the river, where the scorpian jumped off. The scorpian then hurried over to a man whom I saw sleeping beneath a tree.

I was about to warn the man of the danger, when I saw a poisonous snake near the man's head, posied to bite him. However, just before the snake could bite the man, the scorpian jumped at the snake and stung it forcefully. The snake rolled over and died.

The scorpian then proceeded to leave just as the man woke up. Seeing the scorpian running away, the man grabbed a rock to kill it, but I stopped him saying, 

"That scorpian just saved your life. Look at the dead snake beside you. It was that scorpian that killed the snake just before it could bite you."

From that day my eyes opened and I realised how great the wisdom of Allaah is to bring the scorpian all the way across the river to save the man's life. There is therefore nothing in the world that has not been created for a purpose.

We learn that we must never complain about why Allaah did not give us something or make us like someone. We must also never say things like, "Why is it raining today?" "Why is there so much lightning today?", etc. 

Saying this will make Allah angry. We must be happy with what Allaah gave us in every condition. Every Muslim must also always make du'aa (suplication):

'All praise belongs to Allaah in every condition'


  1. Allahu Akbar! indeed Allah has created everything for a purpose. Alhamdulillahi ala kulli halin. Really nice story. jazakallah khair 4 sharing :)

  2. ^_^ Reading this made me smile. SubhanAllah, everything happens for a reason.

    - The turtle was there for the scorpian.
    - The scorpian was there to save the old man's life.
    - The saint was there to save the scorpians life.

    We should always remember: ''...it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.'' - Quran (02:216)

    I love stories with a moral theme to it. Thanks bro for sharing. InshAllah, I'll be up to date with your topics and DON'T forget to subscribe and be a member on my blog.



  3. Assalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

    Forgive me for late response.

    Under each post there are icons which allow you to share the post with facebook, twitter, blog it, & google +1. I humbly request everyone to share each post you read using the above mentioned icons. May Allaah (Most Exalted Most High) reward you for your efforts, stay blessed, Aameen.

    @Bint_Salih - BarakAllah feek, thank you for your inspred words.

    @Mabrouka Fawzi Al-Tajoury - Walaikum asalam, glad you smiled & jazakAllah khair for your blessed words.