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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Boy And The Fish

Shaikh Abu Abdullahi Jala says:"One day my mother asked my father to fetch some fish from the market. My father left for market and I also accompanied him. The fish was bought and we needed a porter to carry it for us.

We engaged a boy who was standing there and who had offered to do the job for us. He put the load on his head and followed us. While we were on our way, we chanced to hear 'Azaan' (call to prayer).

The boy abruptly spoke, 'Allah's summoner has summoned me; I have to take my 'Wudhu' (ablution) too. I shall now carry the fish after Salaat (prayer) if you like you may wait, otherwise here it is'.

Saying this he put the load down and left for the 'Masjid'. My father thought when the poor boy could place his trust in Allah so much, we must aswell do so in a greater degree. He, therefore, left the fish there and took me to the 'Masjid'.

When we three returned after saying Salaat, we found the fish lying in the same place as we had left it. The boy then carried it to our house. My father related the strange story to my mother.

Who insisted that the boy should be detained to eat some fish with us. When the invitation was extended to him, he said, 'Excuse me I am fasting.' My father then requested him to have 'Iftaar' (meal eaten after sunset) at our place.

To this he said,'It is not possible for me to return once I am am gone. Just possibly, I may stay in the 'Masjid' close to your place; if so, then I shall join you in your dinner.' Saying this he went to the 'Masjid' and returned after 'Maghrib' (prayer immediately after sunset).

FishWhen the dinner was over, I showed him the room where he could rest in privacy. Now, there lived a crippled woman in our neighbourhood. We were suprised to see her walking quite hale and hearty.

When we enquired from her how she got cured, she said, 'I prayed to Allah to heal me for the sake of the blessings that your guest carries. No sooner I prayed than I was healed.'

When we went to find the boy in the room where we had left him, the door was shut and the boy was nowhere to be seen."


  1. Subhanallah! strange. Does that mean he wasn't human or what???

  2. Cool story... Hye,thanks for let me read this...

  3. Soubhana Allah, la illa ha illa Allah!!

  4. Assalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

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    @Bint_Salih - Im assuming he was an angel or perhaps a wise boy.

    @FaitH - Your welcome.

    @~Amel~ Aameen.