'Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.'

Monday, October 31, 2011

Everything In This World Will Come To An End

A muslim ruler named Mahdi once had a magnificent palace built. He then said, 

"No one will be prevented from looking at it because whoever comes will either be a friend or an enemy. If he is a friend, then he will be pleased and we want our friends to be pleased. If he is an enemy, his heart will burn and he will be saddened and every person wants this for his enemy. Furthermore, he may look for and point out some fault, which we will be able to correct."

Just then, a pious man said,

"The palace has two major faults (which you cannot correct). One is that you will never live in it forever and the other is that it will never last forever."

The ruler was so affected by this remark that he immediately gave the palace over over to be used for poor people. 


We learn that we must never be too impressed by homes and buildings because they will all come to an end one day. We must also never forget Allaah when enjoying these things.

When we do not have something, we must never nag our parents to have it because we must remember that it all comes to an end. We should rather be grateful for what we have and use it to please Allaah.


  1. excellent idea of yours thanks for sharing.

  2. Very true!
    We should aim to please Allah in everything we do.

  3. This is a very good reminder for us all.

  4. Thank you very much - very valuable piece of advice. None of these things will last. What counts is being grateful and enjoying the blessings God send us.
    Be blessed for sharing such beautiful thoughts with us.

  5. everything in this world IS coming to the end.

    such a good reminder for all of us. keep writing:)

  6. I definitely agree that material things should never been LOVED as much as other people or Allah Himself. Thank you for this post!

  7. U R doing a good job for the pleasure of Allah SWT.

  8. Also we do not take our bricks and mortor or our wealth when we die, our wealth is our knowledge and our good deeds and if we have fulfilled our pillars of Islam and also making sure we are free from Shirk and bid'ah these are the real things that we should be attentive towards and constantly checking ourselves for and Allah knows best!

  9. A great reminder for all of us! :)

  10. Assalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

    Forgive me for late response.

    @sunny - Your welcome.

    @Modest Destiny - JazakAllah khair.

    @Kate - Wise words.

    @MarieHarmony - Your welcome & thank you for your valuable words.

    @Idayu Mumtaz Iskandar - Thx inshAllah.

    @Persia - Of course, Your welcome.

    @Tariq Mian - BarakAllah feek.

    @UmmHamam - jazakAllah khair for sharing your thoughts.

    @Adyn Adynda - Indeed! JazakAllah khair.