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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Good Wife

A Good WifeThe profile of a good wife can be adapted to the rule - that man is charged with a duty-bound authority over women. Women are described as good ones and bad ones in the Qur'an.

This means that women who are righteous accept this rule of the precedence of men and obey them, and when they are not with them, they stand guard on their own selves, as well as on what the husband has earned for the family.

Obviously, goes without saying that the protection of the personal honour and modesty of a women, and that of everything else in the house are under her charge are basic to the happiness that lies behind a successful home management.

Although the duty of a women to guard herself and to look after the home is not restricted to a situation where the husband is not at home, but is equally applicable during his presence also.

Yet the Holy Qur'an has mentioned the state of his 'absence' only, because it is the absence of the husband that a women is more susceptible to showing negligence; therefore, this situation has been mentioned in express terms.

The message is that what has to be avoided is showing a lot of concern and alertness while men are present in the house, but neglecting to abide by these rules of conduct when they are out of sight.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

"The best of women is a woman who, when you look at her, makes you pleased with her; and when you ask her to do something, she obeys you; and when you are absent, she guards her self, and her belongings."

Since these responsibilities placed on women, that is, the guarding and protection of their modesty, and of what the husband leaves in her charge, are not that easy to take care of, therefore Allah Almighty helps women when they so protect.

With the support and help of Allah Almighty known as the 'Taufiq' of Allah, that they succeed in grappling with these heavy responsibilities.

Had this not been there, the temptations of self and satan stand surrounding every man and women all the time.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

"for a women who is dutiful to her husband, there are birds in the air and fish in the sea and angels in the skies and beasts in the forests who pray for her forgiveness by the Lord." (al-Bahr al-Muhit)


  1. Assalamalikum,
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