'Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.'

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Sigh Goes And Brings Mercy From The Sky

There was once a man from Damascus who used to earn by hiring his donkey out. One day someone came to him and said that he needed to go to someplace, and the man should take him there.

He seated the man on the donkey and started walking with him. The man told him to go toward a deserted path. The owner of the donkey said that he did not know this path.

The man told him, "I know this path, it is a shorter route." As they progressed further, the man climbed off the donkey and withdrew a dagger intending to kill the owner of the donkey.

The poor man, pleaded with the other that he leave him alone and take the donkey and whatever is on it. The robber did not relent.

He told the donkey-owner, "That I am going to take anyway, but I want to kill you as well."
That donkey-owner then requested that he be allowed to perform two Rakaats of Salaat, to which the robber agreed and told him to make it quick.

The donkey-owner explaining his plight states,"I stood for Salaat, but due to the fear, I forgot to recite whatever needed to be recited in Salaat.

I could not remember a single word from the Qur'aan Majeed.And then all of a sudden, Allaah (Most Exalted Most High) inspired me with the following words,

'Who is there to answer to the call of the one in difficulty when he calls, and to remove (his) hardship?' (Surah Naml, Aayat 62)

And then suddenly a mounted horseman arrived with a spear in his hand. He plunged the spear into the chest of the robber, who died on the scene. I asked the horseman who he was and he replied,

'I am the slave of That Being Who listens to the dua of the calamity-stricken and removes their plight.'" 

Indeed, Allaah (Most Exalted Most High) quickly accepts the dua of the oppressed. When the sigh of the oppressed is made, then its acceptance follows without much delay.


  1. Alhamdulillah, I am not easily moved by words... But this post really touched my heart. This is the second piece of writing that I have read recently that I believe was sent from Allah swa, to show me His Mercy. The other piece was from Holy Qur'an. Jazak'Allah khairn. Good work.

  2. Jazakallah khair for sharing this with us, sis!!

  3. Something that is worth reading in this beautiful Friday morning.. Thank u for sharing.. =)

  4. Asalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

    @rose water - BarakAllah, im a brother!

    @Nurul Azzura - Your welcome & enjoy your friday evening.

  5. Waalaikum Assalaam ireminisces!
    I'm so very sorry for calling you a "sis"! It'll never happen again :-) I'm just so used to my followers being sisters... Lol. So Sorry!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, insha'Allah.

  6. @rose water - Lol no offense take jazakAllah khair :)