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Grandfather continued, "Dear children! If there was no Aakhirah where the good are rewarded and the evil are punished, everyone would be the same in this world.

Those who spend the night in salaah will be the same as those who spend the night watching indecency on television and those spending the night stealing from people."

"Take the example of yourself in Madrassah. Your parents make du'aa for your success and you make a great effort throughout the year and also do well in the exams.

Your parents even promise to buy you something like a bicycle if you come out first in class.

ireminiscesTherefore, when the results come out and you see in your report that you have attained a good position, you take it to show everyone and your parents and teachers are all happy for you."

"However, there are those children who play all the time when they ought to be learning. They make no effort to study and watch television most of the nights of the exams.

Now when such a child fails the exams, you can imagine how angry and disappointed his parents and teachers become. The same is the situation with Allaah and His servants.

Allaah has promised them Jannah if they do good deeds. Now what is this Jannah. Listen well!"

"Jannah is the place where good people go. There they have no worries or difficulty and will live in peace and comfort. Allaah says in the Qur'aan:

"We will soon enter those who have Imaan and who carry out good actions into Jannaat beneath which rivers flow, where they shall live forever and ever. The promise of Allaah is true. Who can be more truthful in speech than Allaah?" (Surah Nisaa, verse 122.)

The Qur'aan and Ahadeeth contain many descriptions of what the good people will receive in Jannah.

They will have large gardens and such large trees that it would take a fast horse five hundred years to run through the shadow of the tree.

There will be varieties of fruit there and rivers of milk, honey and delicious drinks that they will enjoy whenever they want. They will never get hungry, thirsty or feel hot, cold or ill in Jannah."

"Whatever we know of Jannah, Jahannam, the grave and the Aakhirah has been told to us by Rasulullaah (peace be upon him).

Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) even mentioned that if a women of Jannah has to just peep into this world, the entire space between this world and the heavens will be filled with light and all of it will be filled with her fragrant perfume."

"Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) also told us that the people of Jannah will eat and drink, they will not develop phlegm, have no mucous and will not need to relieve themselves.

When the Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them) asked what will happen to their food, Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) said that they will only perspire and that the perspiration will smell better than musk. (Mishkaatul Masaabeeh, Pg.496)."

The children had been listening with great interest when Saalim suddenly asked, "Grandfather! but you have not told us what Jannah is made of."  

Grandfather smiled and affectionately passed his hand over Saalim's head saying, "This also Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) has told us. He said that the bricks of the buildings will be of gold and silver and that the cement between them will be fragrant musk.

He also said that the pebbles of Jannah will be pearls and precious stones, while the grass will be saffron."

"Will anyone ever want to leave such a lovely and comfortable place? Never! And no one will ever need to because people will live in Janaah forever and ever.

Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) told us that when a person of Jannah will see a bird flying and wish that he could have it roasted, it will immediately be presented roasted to him in a platter.

After eating it and throwing the bones back on the platter, Allaah will command the flesh to return to the bones and the bird will fly away again. Subhaanallaah!

Can anything in this world ever happen merely by wishing for it? In fact, when a person of Jannah wishes to do some farming just for fun, he will plant the seed and it will immediately grow into a plant ready to be harvested.

All the pious and good people of the world will also be there in Jannah and we will actually be able to visit Rasulullaah (peace be upon him).

Even better than this is that in Jannah we will even be able to see our beloved Allaah Who gives us everything in this world. What more can we ask for?"

Grandfather was still busy speaking when Khubayb interrupted by asking, "Do tell us how we may reach Jannah and when we may be able to do so?"

The easiest way to get to Jannah is to ask Allaah for forgiveness and make up your mind never to make Allaah angry.

The first thing to do is to never miss any salaah, to fast if it is Fardh (obligatory) upon you, to give Sadaqah, to obey and serve your parents and to do all good deeds while staying away from all sins.

At the same time, always make du'aa for Allaah to save you from Jahannam and enter you into Jannah.


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