'Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.'

Friday, October 07, 2011

Save Yourself From Lying

There was once a saint by the name of Hadhrat Abdul Qaadir Jaylaani (may Allah have mercy on him). When he was leaving home to study, his mother sewed forty dinaars (gold coins) in her son's shirt below the arm to conceal them from the robbers and thieves.

While sending him off, the pious mother advised him saying, "Never speak a lie." The caravan had not gone very far when robbers attacked them on the way and looted their belongings.

While looting the caravan, a robber came to the young boy and enquired, "Have you got any money with you?" Because his mother told him never to lie, he said, "Yes, I have Forty Dinaars with me", replied the boy.

The robber could not believe that a boy in such a poor condition would have so much money with him. He took it as a joke and did not care to search him.

Every robber who met him and asled him about the money got the same reply, "Yes, I have Forty Dinaars with me."

At last, the ring leader of the robbers put the same question to the boy. He also got the same reply from the boy. "Where is the money?" he asked. "It is tucked in my shirt below the arm," came the reply.

When the cheif decided to check up on the boy, he was amazed to find forty gold coins sewn in the sleeve under the arm.

He was greatly amazed by the truthfulness of the boy and asked, "Why, boy, did you disclose the money which was so safely hidden in your shirt ?" The boy calmly replied, "While seeing me off, my mother had told me never to tell a lie. How could I disobey my loving mother ?" 

The boy's reply shook the chief robber and he said to himself, "This simple little boy has so much regard for his mother's order. I am a grown up man and with all my senses and wisdom I am plundering the caravans and disobeying Allaah the Great and the blessed Prophet (peace be upon him)."

He and his companions felt so much ashamed of themselves that they gave up the robbing and prayed for forgiveness from Allaah for their wicked ways.

They also returned the looted goods to the travellers in the caravan and decided to change their lives entirely for the better. See how good deeds affect others and make them do good as well.


If we ever go home and say that we did not get any homework and then go to school saying that we could not do and homework because there were problems at home.

We may get away for awhile but as soon as our parents happen to meet the teacher, the truth will come out and we will be embarrassed. We will then always be mistrusted.

The person who always speaks the truth will save himself from many evils and sins and thereby have goodness and respect in this world and the Aakhirah (after life).


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