'Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.'

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Intelligent Hare

A cruel lion once arrived in a jungle and told the animals that each day one of them should present himself to the lion to be eaten. 

"If any of you arrives late," the lion roared, "I shall eat all of you." A week passed and one by one, several animals gave their lives for the safety of the others.

There was however a very intelligent hare that made dua to Allaah to save them from the lion. He then called all the animals together and told them that he had a plan to get rid of the lion. 

Since the following day was his turn to go to the lion, he decided to put his plan into action. The lion waited for the hare to arrive at the fixed time but the hare purposely delayed.

He watched from a distance as the lion started to pace up and down in anger. The hare then went forward and said, 

"Please do not be angry with me but listen to my story. I was on my way to you when another huge lion stopped me and told me that he would eat me up. When I told him that I was coming to you, he became very angry and told me that he wanted to meet you to see whether you or him would rule the jungle. He is now waiting for you."

"What!" the lion shouted, "show me where he is and I will finish him off." The hare then led the lion to a deep well and said to him, "There he is, shaking and swaying inside that well." 

The looked inside and saw his reflection in the water as a shaking and swaying lion. He immediately decided to pounce on the lion and ended up with a great splash deep in the well.

There he died. All the other animals then came out to thank the hare for his marvellous plan. 


The lion was cruel and eventually died as a result of his cruelty where as he thought he was in control. Allaah had decided that he should be destroyed and disgraced. 

We must also make the intention never to be unjust to people when we grow up and even when we are young, we must never threaten our little brothers and sisters so that they allow us to have more sweets, ice cream or chocolate when our parents give us any.

We must also never take things away from them because this will make Allaah angry, will make our parents angry and will cause us to be embarrassed in later life.

In this way, we will not only lose what we take away from others, but will even lose that which is ours.


  1. I've been hearing this story all my childhood. And maybe I could reiterate to the next generation coming up like most of the stories you post here. Thank you for reminding. Jazak Allah

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