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Friday, April 10, 2015

Superiority Is Not Based Upon Wealth And Property

"And were it not that all people will become of a single creed (i.e.  disbelief), We will have caused, for the benefit of those who disbelieve in Rahman, roofs of their houses to be made of silver, and the stairs as well, on which they will climb, and doors of their homes, and the coaches on which they will recline, and (will have made some of these things) of gold ornaments. And all this is nothing but an enjoyment of the worldly life. And the Hereafter, with your Lord, is (destined) for the God-fearing. (Qur'an 43:33-35)


Superiority Is Not Based Upon Wealth And Property
Wealth And Property 
This is the second reply to the infidels of Makkah for their question why prophethood was not bestowed upon some very rich and wealthy person of Makkah of Ta'if?

The gist of the answer is that some qualities and abilities are undoubtedly necessary for choosing someone as a prophet.

But abundance of riches and wealth cannot be taken as the basis of this choice. Wealth and property are so worthless in Allah's view that if there was no apprehension of all the people becoming disbelievers, He will have showered gold and silver upon all the infidels.

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has stated,

"If the worth of the whole world, in Allah's sight, had been equal to that of one wing of a mosquito, Allah Ta'ala would not have given even one drop of water from this world to an infidel (kafir)". (Tirmidhi)

This tells us that neither abundance of wealth and property owned by someone can be a cause of his superiority, nor can one's poverty be taken as an indication of his being lower in rank.

As for those excellent qualities which are necessary for prophethood, they are found in the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), to their perfection. Their, objection is, therefore, false and baseless.

The statement in these verses that if gold and silver had been showered upo all the infidels, all the people woud have become disbelievers is meant for most of the people. 

Even today, there are people who are certain that if they become disbelievers, they will get abundance of riches and wealth, but they do not lose their faith for the sake of wealth and property; such people will have remained teadfast to their belief and faith, perhaps even at that time, but the number of such people will have been very little indeed.

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