'Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.'

Saturday, May 31, 2014


A Warning Not to Be Ignored

It has been reported from Sayyubna Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said, 

"When spoils are taken as personal property and trust property as spoils and Zakah as penalty, and religious learning is acquired for worldly objectives, and

when man starts obeying his wife and disobeying his mother, and keeps his friend near and his father far, and when voices rise in mosques and the chief 

of a tribe becomes its worst sinner and when the chief of a people becomes their lowest of the low and when wicked people are respected out of fear for 

them, and when singing girls and musical instruments appear all over and when wines of all sorts are consumed and when the later of this Ummah 

start cursing the former - then, at that time, you wait for a red storm, and earthquake, and the sinking of the earth, and the metamorphosis of figures 

and faces, and missiles, and the signs of Doomsday following each other, and after the other, like a broken necklace with its beads scattered simultaneously." (Tirmidhi)


  1. You write well, Iremi. Another lesson to learn here. Thank you so much! :)

  2. Well written post.. thanks for sharing!

  3. A lot of signs are already here.


  4. May Allah protect the true believers and help us all to take heed of the warnings which have been given to us so long ago.

  5. Warning! I heard you loud and clear! My thoughts on this post are that others should certainly take warning as well as precaution. You see, all the bad that's in the world.. war, pestilence, violence, hunger, famine, etc.. the list goes on and on, but these really are all signs of the coming of the Messiah.. I just hope we're all prepared. Thank you for sharing and thank you for reading my blog! Take care.

  6. we can see all the signs nowadays. Hold firm to Quran n sunnah. Dajjal is somewhere now. Keep on seeking refuge from the evil of dajjal. Read AlKahfi frequently. Syukran akhie. may Allah grant u sawwab for this warnings. Allahukbar.

  7. Jazak Allah khair for such a beautiful blogpost!
    its indeed the need of time to realize and recignize where and how we stand today...

  8. Another great Post! One of my favorite one :)


  9. Aslamu Alikum sis ... JAzak Allah khair for your comment and now i get what you were trying to say

    Yes indeed the time is fast approaching and we will be judge foe all we do

    i would love to re post this on my islamic blog is that ok

  10. Very beautiful, sister. Jazaki Allahu khairan for the reminder.

  11. Asalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

    @Paola Lauretano - Thank you.

    @Balqis - Your welcome.

    @CREATIVE MIND - Very kind.

    @My Own Fairytale - Absolutely true.

    @Zarina Hassem - JazakAllah khair, Aameen.

    @C.S.H - Your welcome, good to read your words.

    @Tinta.Muallimah - JazakAllah khair, Aameen.

    @Usama Rehman - BarakAllah feek.

    @LoveT. - Good to its one of your favourite ones.

    @Anisa umm imran - Walaikum asalam warahmatulah, barakAllah feek. You can post a link on your blog to my post.

    @Pinkie Egg - BarakAllah feek.

  12. Asalaamu alaikum,

    JazakAllahKhayr for the beneficial reminder!!

  13. @Umm Adrianna♥ - Walaikum asalam warahmatulah, barakAllah feek.