'Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.'

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The One With Whom Allaah Is Happy Will Be Happy With Allaah

The greatest success of a Muslim is for Allaah to be happy with him and it is for this reason that a Mu'min (believer) lives his life.

All the treasures of the world and all the luxuries and comforts cannot equal the bounty of having Allaah's pleasure.

The one who has Allaah's pleasure everything and the one who does not have it really has nothing and everything he does have is useless to him.

The one who makes Allaah happy is successful even though he lives in a shack and wears torn clothing because he will be receiving Jannah (Paradise), which is worth much more than the world and everything in it.

Such a person is willing to sacrifice the pleasures of this world for those of the Aakhirah (hereafter). On the other hand the Kuffaar (non-believers) are such that they do everything for this world because it is their purpose.

They live for this world, die for this world and make friends and enemies for this world. As for the Mu'min, he does everything for the pleasure of Allaah.

He makes friends for the sake of Allaah and fight for the sake of Allaah, he regards his life and his wealth to be a trust that Allaah has given him and will therefore sacrifice them for the sake of Allaah.

These are true Mu'mineen (believer's) because they are willing to suffer any difficulty for the sake of Allaah. It is about them that Allaah says, 

"Allaah is pleased with them and they are please with Him." 

Hadhrat Abu Bakr (may Allaah be pleased with him) once came to Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) wearing a 'kurta' (loose shirt falling below the knees) that had no buttons. He therefore used thorns to close the ends of the kurta.

Hadhrat Jibra'eel (may peace of Allaah be upon him) then came to Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) and after conveying greeting from Allaah to Rasulullaah (peace be upon him), he asked, 

"O Rasulullaah (peace be upon him)! Why is it that I see Abu Bakr using thorns to hold the ends of his kurta together?" 

Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) replied by saying, 

"O Jibra'eel! Before the conquest of Makkah, Abu Bakr had spent all his wealth on me." 

thornsHadhrat Jibra'eel (may peace of Allaah be upon him) then said, 

"Convey Allaah's Salaams to him as well and ask him that his Rabb asks whether he is still pleased with Him even in this condition of poverty." 

When Rasulullaah (peace be upon him) asked this to Hadhrat Abu Bakr (may Allaah be pleased with him), he cried as he replied, 

"How can I ever be displeased with my Rabb? Of course, I am pleased."


Poverty should never come in the way of a person trying to please Allaah because a person does not need wealth or a good house or clothing to please Allaah.

If a person's heart has the desire to please Allaah, he will do so regardless of what condition he is in. On the other hand, when a person does not please Allaah, everything he has is useless because he has not come to his Master.


We must also lead a life that has a purpose and is not only centered around eating and drinking.

We have not been sent to this world to waste our time. We should engage in Ibaadah (worship) and make an effort for others to do the same so that the Kalimah (the word of Islam) of Allaah can be raised high in the world. This is what we have been sent to the world for.


  1. Excellent reminder! It's easy to get astray but posts like these always make us remember our purpose in life. Keep writing !

  2. Assalamu Alaykum....
    this post touched my heart...ya rabb, subhanAllah. Beautiful reminder. May Allah make us like Abu Bakr , he had such a nice heart. What are we compared to him...Jazakallah khair

  3. Jazakalkhair, just what I needed today.

  4. Asalam alaikum,
    JazakAllah khair for sharing, may i ask for the link or source of this article?

  5. Allah's pleasure comes only when the Muslims practice TAQWA--meaning fear of Allah leads to Allah's RAZA towards His ghulam(ABD).
    Every word of your post leads us towards His pleasure indeed.
    Great presentation.

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  7. Assalamu Alaikum Akhi, this is a very beautiful reminder masha'Allah. I don't use facebook or anything so its sad that I can't share this beautiful post. Keep reminding us about our purpose in life insh'Allah.

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